Fury from the Deep

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Story Code: RR / Season 5 UK Airdate: 16 Mar to 20 Apr 1968 Doctor: Patrick Troughton
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This story aired in the following countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

Film can label of part six, found in 1988 (Thanks to David Stead)
Australia Mar 69 b/w
Hong Kong May 70 b/w
Singapore Aug 70 b/w
New Zealand did not air b/w
Gibraltar Sep 73 b/w
  • Hong Kong presumably sent its films to Singapore soon after transmission, as that was the fate of the RTV prints of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear.
  • The New Zealand programme purchasers rejected this story in late 1970. The reason for the rejection is not known. Were the prints damaged? If so, why were replacements not acquired? (Maybe replacements -- which would have to have come from another broadcaster -- weren't available to be censored in time to meet the planned airdates?)
    • It has been suggested, given that the New Zealand government was at the time having negotiations with British Petroleum (BP) to exploit a newly-discovered field of natural gas in the Tasman Sea, that the broadcaster thought it unwise to screen a serial featuring sea monsters attacking a gas platform...
  • Significantly, Nigeria did not screen this story either. As we've noted on the page for The Ice Warriors, it appears that Nigeria could only buy the same serials that the NZBC had, under the BBC's quota system, which is why these two serials were not screened by BPTV in 1974/75.
  • The sale to Gibraltar was actually "back-catalogue", as they had already started screening Jon Pertwee stories by this time.
  • See also the Troughton Junkings page.


  • A film can labelled "Cutting Copy" of part six was found in 1988 along with four "Cutting Copies" of The Ice Warriors, but it actually contained something else. The exact origin of the (missing) "Cutting Copy" print is unclear. But based on the style of and text layout on the label, we can rule out it having been returned from any of the countries in Australasia.
  • It is entirely possible that the film was returned from overseas (probably from Singapore, since this story and The Ice Warriors did not need to be sent to Nigeria in 1974), and was placed in a replacement can with a blank spare "Cutting Copy" label (the can itself was a smaller sized one, used for 35mm film, which meant that the 16mm film would have to be cut in half and wound onto two reels in order to fit); the handwritten text on the label therefore reflects the status of the film after its return -- the handwritten detail on the "Cutting Copy" sticker was copied over from the text of the label that was on one of the cans the films were returned in (i.e. the episode was returned on two reels to fit into the 35mm cans, hence the A + B / "reel 2 of 2" / "join in both reels" notations that would be applicable for a two reeler); it's clear that the recorded duration and length of footage are correct for the full episode.


  • The story was animated in full (in colour and b/w, both in a widescreen aspect) for DVD/Blu-ray in late 2020, and also be available to purchase via online services such as iTunes and Amazon Prime.
  • The reconstruction is due to air on BBC America on 21 March 2021.