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Although Doctor Who was not shown on television in Egypt, it's possible the second of the two Peter Cushing Dalek movies was seen there.

The only evidence this might be the case is the existence of an "Affiche de Film" movie poster. Although it was found in Syria, this type of cloth poster art was also common in Egypt, and therefore may have originated from there.

See the profile on Syria for more details.

Egypt in Doctor Who

  • Barbara admires Arbitan's pyramid, likening it to those built by the Egyptians (The Keys of Marinus).
  • In The Crusade, Saladin - who is the Sultan of Egypt and Syria - fears that King Richard plans to invade Egypt.
  • The TARDIS lands in Egypt, pursued by the Monk and the Daleks, who are attacked by Egyptian slaves (The Daleks' Master Plan).
  • Steven refers to his recent visit to Egypt in The Massacre.
  • The Doctor shows a photo-slide of the Egyptian god Khnum - with horns! (The Daemons).
  • The Doctor mentions the battle of El Alamein in The Sea Devils.
  • Jo says she and the Doctor boarded the SS Bernice at Port Said (Carnival of Monsters).
  • Pyramids of Mars is partially set in and features quite a number of references to Egypt - including pyramids, mummies, Cairo, Saqqara, Pharaohs, Tuthmoses the Third, various Egyptian Gods such as Horus and Sutekh, and many other characters.