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Egypt in Doctor Who

  • Barbara admires Arbitan's pyramid, likening it to those built by the Egyptians (The Keys of Marinus).
  • In The Crusade, Saladin - who is the Sultan of Egypt and Syria - fears that King Richard plans to invade Egypt.
  • The TARDIS lands in Egypt, pursued by the Monk and the Daleks, who are attacked by Egyptian slaves (The Daleks' Master Plan).
  • Steven refers to his recent visit to Egypt in The Massacre.
  • The Doctor shows a photo-slide of the Egyptian god Khnum - with horns! (The Daemons).
  • The Doctor mentions El Alamein in The Sea Devils.
  • Jo says she and the Doctor boarded the SS Bernice at Port Said (Carnival of Monsters).
  • Pyramids of Mars is partially set in and features quite a number of references to Egypt - including pyramids, mummies, Cairo, Saqqara, Pharaohs, Tuthmoses the Third, various Egyptian Gods such as Horus and Sutekh, and many other characters.