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'''Channel 11 (Independent)'''
*'''1980''': Aired [[Tom Baker stories]] episodically.
*'''1981''': The series is dropped, and no further episodes air on KTVT after 1981.
'''Channel 13 (PBS)'''
*'''1986''': Screened the 24 repackaged [[Jon Pertwee stories]].
*'''2003''': [[Jon Pertwee stories]] continue to air episodically into the early 2000s.
==Patrick Troughton?==
*There have been a number of reports online that [[Patrick Troughton stories]] may have aired in the Fort Worth / Dallas area in the early 1970s, a few years prior to the sale of the [[Jon Pertwee stories]] in 1972. Several newspapers for that area have been checked and no evidence of such screenings has been found. It's possible that what the eyewitness saw was a broadcast of one of the [[Peter Cushing]] Dalek movies, or possibly - but less likely - transmissions of a [[William Hartnell]] story (in [[Spanish]]) from [[Mexico]] (assuming of course that a signal could travel those sorts of distances).

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