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'''Channel 11 (Independent)'''
*'''1980''': Aired [[Tom Baker stories]] episodically.
*'''1981''': The series is dropped, and no further episodes air on KTVT after 1981.
'''Channel 13 (PBS)'''
*'''1986''': Screened the 24 repackaged [[Jon Pertwee stories]].
*'''2003''': [[Jon Pertwee stories]] continue to air episodically into the early 2000s.
==Patrick Troughton?==
*There have been a number of reports online that [[Patrick Troughton stories]] may have aired in the Fort Worth / Dallas area in the early 1970s. Several newspapers for that area have been checked and no evidence of such screenings has been found. It's possible that what the eyewitness saw was a broadcast of one of the [[Peter Cushing]] Dalek movies, or possibly - but less likely - transmissions of a [[William Hartnell story]] (in [[Spanish]]) from [[Mexcio] (assuming of course that the signal could travel those sorts of distances).

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