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COSTA RICA is located in Central America, between XXXX and XXXX. The name means Rich Coast, having been settled by the Spanish in XXXX.



When El Doctor Misterio screened in Costa Rica in 1980, the population was XXXXXX million, and licensed TV sets numbered XXXXXXXX (per WRTH, 1979).

TV & system

Costa Rica began its television service in 1958.

There are a number of television stations: Doctor Who screened on channel 6, which was operated by Corporation Costarricense de Television, a government-owned commercial broadcaster???????????.

Colour transmissions began in 1973 using the NTSC colour broadcast system.


The main language of Costa Rica is Spanish.


Costa Rica was the 53rd country to screen El Doctor Misterio (see Selling Doctor Who).

BBC Records

The Eighties (The Eighties The Lost Chapters) records a sale of one story (by 10 February 1987). However, this figure cannot be accurate, as the TV listings summaries clearly illustrate many more stories were purchased by Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is not listed under any of the DWM story Archives.

Around the time that Costa Rica was screening Doctor Who, Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, Nicaragua were also or had been screening the series.

Stories bought and broadcast


As noted above, The Eighties records a sale of just one story by 10 February 1987, however the number of airdates means that this record is far from being accurate. (Unless one story was repeated over 80 times!)

The TV listings did not supply story or episode titles, so we can only guess as to what screened: given that Latin American countries were supplied with the standard package of the first 23 Tom Baker stories (98 episodes), in all likelihood this is what aired.

According to a Costa Rican forum, El Dr Misterio screened for a "Season" in 1978/79 - the writer clearly got the dates wrong, as I could not find any listings for El Dr Misterio during those years. To sorrow that has existed more than 12 Doctors (including special appearances of Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Grant); the only one really known for us the Costa Rican ones was Tom Baker, thanks to the episodes transmitted there to beginnings of the eighties by channel 7, which had an excellent contract with the distributor ITC to bring British movies and unfortunately, changed this to us into 90210.

FF The Highlanders 4
GG The Underwater Menace 4
HH The Moonbase 4
JJ The Macra Terror 4
KK The Faceless Ones 6

Costa Rica therefore bought GROUP ONE and GROUP TWO of the Tom Baker stories.

Time-Life was the distributor to Latin American countries, and therefore would have supplied the NTSC video tapes for El Doctor Misterio that had been already dubbed into Spanish.



The series started on Monday, 4 February 1980 at 5.00pm on channel 6, and screened every week days uninterrupted until at least 18 December 1980 (the paper for 19 December was missing).

The series recommenced on Tuesday, 16 November 1982, at 1.00pm, again screening every week day, with only a couple of pre-emptions. This run ended after around 89 episdoes on 18 March 1983.


TV listings

TV listings have been obtained from the Costa Rican newspaper La Prensa Libre.

Listings are given as El Dr Misterio or just Dr Misterio, and mostly suffixed with the word Color.


Costa Rica in Doctor Who

There are no instances where Costa Rica is mentioned in the series.