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Classic era Doctor Who has screened in the following countries identified directly from official BBC Records, anecdotal evidence or other reliable sources:

BBC Enterprises globe

Countries A to Z

The following countries are those for which BBC Records clearly indicate the series was sold there, or other reliable sources have proven the series aired, and airdates (even if only partially) have been confirmed:

NOTE: For those few countries marked with ## we have not as yet been able to locate or confirm clear airdates

United States of America (table of States)

For the handful of states tagged ** we have no screening details at all. The series may not have aired on a local station, but may have been available from a neighbouring state.

Alabama Idaho** Michigan New York Tennessee
Alaska Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
Arizona Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
Arkansas Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
California Kansas Montana** Oklahoma Virginia
Colorado Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
Connecticut Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania Washington DC
Delaware** Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island West Virginia
Florida Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wisconsin
Georgia Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota Wyoming**
Hawaii** US Cable channels

Countries A to Z (Unconfirmed)

The following countries apparently screened the series but only by third-hand reports rather than from any official BBC Records or other reliable sources, and for which no airdates have been located:

Relayed Broadcasts

Doctor Who was not sold per se to these countries, but it was officially available because transmissions were deliberately relayed from another country:

See also the section on the Middle East - the Arabic countries of the Persian Gulf received TV broadcasts from their neighbours.

Doctor Who aired on a number of Cable and Satellite stations:

  • HBO OLE cable station serving Central and South America
  • Cable and Satellite - some of which served Europe, the Middle East and Asia

Other Countries

Although Doctor Who did not screen on television in these countries during the date ranges covered by this web-site, it was known there because of the Peter Cushing Dalek movies, or novelisations, videos and other merchandise were available:


Each country falls into one of eight continents or global regions:




Europe (inc Mediterranean)

Middle East

North America

Central America

South America



The "New" series of Doctor Who that was launched in 2005 has been broadcast domestically in over 40 countries, as well as reaching far wider audiences via satellite and cable stations that cover whole continents.

Our snap-shot coverage of the new series can be seen on our dedicated page: